Shadow of Mearls

Shadow of Mearls is a post-TSR tabletop roleplaying game set within the dark basements of the hasbro corporate office.

Players take the role of ordinary members of the dungeons and dragons design team, whether failed author, d list celebrity or former sitcom writer as they eke out an existence writing endless lists of subclasses for their Hasbro overlords.

The game explores the ramifications of corporate hegemony, the frailty of art and the banality of wage slavery, and you can play as a divorcee!

Shadow of Mearls contains…

  • A 1,856 page, 110 gsm hardcover rulebook split into 7 increasingly smaller and irrelevant rulebooks, all consisting mostly of elven foot pics. 
  • Unique design pitching and rejection mechanics.
  • 36 custom events including ‘Oh no we insulted an entire group of people again’ and ‘oops I forgot to BCC that spreadsheet.’
  • Rules for managing shareholder anxiety. 
  • 36 classes that explore the gamut of failed dreams. 
  • Multi-layered map of the D&D design team sub-basement, beneath the WOTC basement that lies beneath the HASBRO Corporate Complex.
  • Tools to generate watercooler gossip.

Coming soon to a game store near you....